When it comes to plumbing, most people only think of calling a professional plumber when the house is underwater. In most cases, you jump on your toolbox pull out a pipe wrench and start troubleshooting. While there are some simple tasks that you could easily complete depending on how good your DIY skills are, it’s safer call a professional before things get out of hand. 

Like every other profession, plumbers are well trained and highly experienced individuals who can prevent disasters from running a mock in your home and running up your plumbing bill. Here are a few other reasons why you should think of calling in a professional before taking the risk of doing your plumbing.

You need to stay compliant with the building code

Plumbing takes more than getting water coming out of your faucets. Some regulations need to be followed when installing or repairing some aspects of the system. Not completing any repairs or installations can violate building codes making your home unsafe and could lead to fines and penalties.

Licensed plumbers are conversant with the local building codes and will ensure all the repairs and installations are completed the right way.

You and your home stay safe

A little water might not look like much. But, it can be hazardous to both you and your property if things are not done the right way. Having the proper safety gear and tools is not enough. You need a person who has a full understanding of the dangers of the job at hand and can handle it with the necessary care.

What’s more, you need to be sure that all the plumbing appliances including the heaters operate correctly and without fault. With a qualified plumber, you not only get expert installation and service but also inspection to make sure everything works the right way.

Save your warranties

If you’re working on parts like the water heater, having inexperienced hands can void the warranty. Everything from the installation, maintenance and repairs of such components have to be completed by a qualified and licenced plumber. Whether this requirement is not noted on the instructions on the component or not, you’re safer using a professional to make sure the warranty stays active.

Detection of potential problems

You might call in a plumber for one thing and by the time they’re done, they have helped you avert a disaster. Fixing plumbing problems on your own can lead to delayed detection of other potential problems until it’s too late. The delayed detection of such problems increases the cost of fixing them and also exposes you and your property to potential risks. Even better, plumbers have the training and tools to provide you with permanent solutions to your plumbing problems.

Even though it’s a good idea to have a wrench lying around the house, it’s always a good idea to know when you’re about to bite too much. Having the contact of a reliable, reputable and licenced plumber can save you a lot of trouble and money.

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